8 Local Pros – March 13th-15th – Eastern Iowa Sportshow

Come and listen to Eric Johnston, Andy Sommorfelt, Dan Johnston, Mike Everett, Tim Hutchison, Vance and Blair Gordon, and Justin McLelland talk about Bass fishing in the Cedar Valley! Not only will they be talking about fishing in the Cedar Valley but also bass fishing wingdams on the Mississippi River!

Morel Mania – March 13th-15th – Eastern Iowa Sportshow

Mushroom hunting is 90 percent luck. The other 10 percent is knowing when, where, and how to get lucky. Our seminar speaker Tom Nauman says the 90 percent is based on your karma, and he can’t help you with that. The other 10 percent is what he will discuss.  Mr. Nauman’s first mushroom hunt was “in the womb” and he has continued his passion for finding the elusive morel for more than 68 years. Mr. Nauman has been featured in the New York Times, Wild Indiana Television, Outdoor Illinois Magazine, and is the founder of The Illinois State Morel Mushroom Hunting Championship.  Tom is a well-known lecturer on the subject of mushrooms where he willingly shares the secrets of successful morel hunting. He also discusses the conditions necessary for morels to grow: habitat, temperature, and weather. His discussions feature videos of time-lapse morel growth and morels releasing spores.  Mr. Nauman’s company, Morel Mania Inc., celebrates its 27th anniversary this year. The business provides information, activities, and mushroom themed merchandise to mushroom enthusiasts throughout the United States. Fortunately, morels are hard to confuse with anything else. Tom will show you the three key differences of what is edible and what might not be.

Xtra Mile Outdoors – January 31st-February 2nd & March 13th-15th – Eastern Iowa & Cedar Rapids Sportshow

Come and check out Nathan Alexander from Xtra Mile Outdoors!  Nathan is an experinced fisherman who loves to guide!  He will be sharing his vast knowledge of fishing the Mississippi and with 20 years on the water, you won’t want to miss what he has to say!